Real time clock operates at less than 180nA for wearables

July 23, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Real time clock
More than 35 percent smaller than the tiniest RTC alternatives, the MAX31341B nanoPower real-time clock (RTC) from Maxim Integrated Products operates at less than 180nA.

The 2x1.5mm device offloads the central microcontroller from timekeeping, allowing for greater energy savings during sleep cycles and extension of battery runtime in wearables and portable equipment. The IC is designed to remain on during dormant periods, providing timekeeping so that the microcontroller shuts down to preserve power and extend battery life. Available in an ultra-small wafer-level package, the chip minimizes external circuitry by incorporating features such as integrated load cap, trickle charger, power management and 64-byte RAM. It offers accurate time-keeping up to 100ppm accuracy over the -40 to +85ºC temperature range.
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