Reclaim visibility and control over your personal data

December 17, 2019 //By Julien Happich
personal data
MyData is a principle that gives people access and control over their own personal data. As Finland’s first MyData operator Vastuu Group acts as a link between individuals and the different parties and systems that hold personal data.

Individual information is collected into several different systems and solutions. For example, health information at hospitals, financial information at banks, purchase information in loyal customer systems at the local store chain, education information at schools, employee information at workplaces, and so on. In addition to those, Google, Apple, Facebook, and other platforms gather different kinds of information about individual people.

MyData enforces the practice that individuals have the right to manage their own information and give consent to trusted parties to use private information. This is not only beneficial to the information user but also to the individual who in exchange will receive more fluent and comprehensive services. This makes every-day life easier by removing the need to give the same basic information several times for different operators or organizations.

When all the information holders build and manage their own consent processes, individuals have to use dozens of different solutions and systems for information sharing and consent giving. Also, different public entities need to use a vast amount of money in building these similar but segregated systems.

A MyData operator is needed to create trust between different parties. This is done with the identification of individuals and parties, and by handling the consents. The operator makes sure the parties comply with GDPR requirements and act responsibly. The MyData operator does not gather information but creates a link between parties for trusted data transferring. MyData does not mean that anyone can ask for anyone’s information for any purpose. Users can limit their data sharing inside a specific group or organization.

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