Renault and Philips Lighting want you to stay in your car, at home

September 14, 2017 // By Julien Happich
For the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, lighting designers from Philips Lighting have collaborated with automotive company Renault on a unique concept where an autonomous electric car becomes a fully integrated part of a smart home.

Parking within the smart home, the Renault SYMBIOZ autonomous electric and connected concept car has been designed to interact with the smart home's ecosystem, as an extension of the home. So in effect, the vehicle turns out as an interactive and personalized space, not only connecting its passengers to other cars and people, but also to connected appliances in the smart home such as Philips connected LED lighting. 

As the car enters at ground level, the walls automatically light up in welcome. Other fancy illumination scenarios take place as the elevation platform moves the car to the terrace, showing connectivity status between the car and home; for example when the car is charging or on standby. The house features Philips Hue in the lounge and kitchen, which automatically switches on before the car swings into the driveway.

In this regard, the LED industry is about as mature as web development in the 90's, showing all its blinking colours and technical prowess without a practical purpose.

When parked in the home, the designers see the SYMBIOZ as snug, mobile, comfortable and modular extra room whose interior is directly inspired by the design of living rooms. Renault and Philips Lighting describe the concept car within the LED-lit smart home as an ideal space to work in or relax.

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