Renesas and MinebeaMitsumi join forces on stepping motors

December 11, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Renesas and MinebeaMitsumi join forces on stepping motors
Renesas Electronics and stepping motors manufacturer Minebea Mitsumi announced their collaboration on the development of resolver-based (angle sensor) stepping motor and motor control solutions.

The stepping motors will be optimized for use in robots, office automation (OA) equipment, and medical/nursing care equipment, all requiring motors with higher precision motor control, miniaturized form factors, and improved resistance to environmental influences.

MinebeaMitsumi has a strong track record with resolver sensors for automotive applications and, for the first time, has developed a new resolver for stepping motors to be used in consumer and industrial equipment applications. As the global 32-bit MCU market leader, Renesas has developed a new resolver-to-digital converter (RDC) that supports MinebeaMitsumi’s new stepping motors, as well as control driver software for controlling the RDC with a 32-bit RX MCU. Renesas also provides a resolver-based stepping motor control kit, which includes development tools, including MinebeaMitsumi’s stepping motor with resolver and an evaluation board with RDC, allowing users to jump-start application development.

“I am extremely pleased that we were able to develop superb products with the cooperation of Renesas, which provides superlative control technologies,” said Katsutoshi Suzuki, Technical Officer, Deputy Officer in charge of Electronics Engineering Development at Engineering Headquarters at MinebeaMitsumi. “I am hoping that this advance in product differentiation for our resolver stepping motors will allow us to acquire new markets.”

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