Renesas extends R-Car SoC family towards 3D graphics

February 16, 2016 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Renesas extends R-Car SoC family towards 3D graphics
As 3D graphics are conquering the instrument clusters, chipmaker Renesas rolls out a System-on-Chip (SoC) dedicated to drive such displays. The R-Car D1 has to deal with requirements like very fast start-up time, high reliability and security against tampering and hacking.

As the use of color LCD panels in instrument cluster systems becomes widespread, gauge control and graphics display are being combined even in smaller and medium size cars. The trend towards "gauge-less" displays is already progressing in high-end cars, where visibility and comfort are desired, and attractive, easy to see displays using 3D graphics on large, high-resolution panels are seen as one aspect of a car's individuality. Renesas is expecting that in the future, display size and resolution continue increasing, even in the graphics displays used in low- to mid-end cars, along with the use of cluster systems that provide 3D graphics.

However, for these systems to become mainstream the ability to realize rich reality image display that makes full use of 3D graphics, the ability to display the cluster screen rapidly at the same time as the start-up of accessories, the ability to realize high reliability that can prevent unauthorized access from the outside to the system to continuously convey accurate information of the instruments to the driver, and the ability to enhance the performance of the many electronic equipment units and communications systems used in the car will all be required.

The R-Car D1 is designed to provide both the functionality and the performance to overcome these issues. Renesas also offers gauge control support for designers intending to use the D1 through its RH850/D1x microcontrollers (MCUs) that are also ideal for entry-level and mid-range automotive systems.

Key features of the R-Car D1 Series:

1) 3D graphics cluster systems can be developed easily by cooperating with Renesas partners
Although good view-ability and high-quality design are important to improve visibility and comfort in cluster systems with full graphics, at the same time, for users with limited experience in 3D graphics development, the time required for development is an impediment. Based on Renesas’ extensive experience developing HMI solutions, along with partner companies who have expertise in developing graphics systems, Renesas provides

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