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February 16, 2016 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Renesas extends R-Car SoC family towards 3D graphics
As 3D graphics are conquering the instrument clusters, chipmaker Renesas rolls out a System-on-Chip (SoC) dedicated to drive such displays. The R-Car D1 has to deal with requirements like very fast start-up time, high reliability and security against tampering and hacking.
solutions that can easily express the images created by a graphics designer as a cluster system. This makes it easy for system manufacturers to develop their own 3D cluster systems.

2) Enables rapid startup for instrument cluster systems

Instrument cluster systems require a rapid startup so that, for instance, immediately after the driver opens the driver's side door, or at the same time accessories are starting up, the system can instantly display the screen or output audio run at high speed. Renesas, along with their partner companies participating in the R-Car ecosystem, provides solutions that support high-speed system startup, rapid display of meter and gauge screens, and audio output.

3) Driver safety protection and car hacking prevention by the provision of functional safety and security solutions
Since instrument cluster systems may cause serious accidents should they malfunction, it is desired that, to provide the driver with correct information, these systems continuously monitor whether or not correct information is being output and, should a malfunction occur in the system, the malfunction needs to be immediately detected. To implement high-reliability systems, R-Car D1 supports the ISO 26262 standard for automotive functional safety. Renesas provides a Functional Safety Support Program to implement functionally safe systems.

Furthermore, since it is necessary to prevent hacking from outside the system to implement safe and secure systems, the RH850 32-bit MCU that includes hardware security functions can be combined with the R-Car D1. This makes it possible to construct systems that assure data robustness and prevent hacking.

4)  System flexibility and ease of design made possible by the R-Car D1 supporting a wide range of communication and network types
The R-Car D1 includes the wide variety of communications interfaces required in an instrument cluster system. Since the R-Car D1 supports this range, including Ethernet AVB for connection with navigation systems, USB to connect with smart phones, and CAN-FD to connect with automotive infotainment systems, it supports superlative

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