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June 27, 2017 //By Nick Flaherty
Researchers blast past the Q factor
Researchers at EPFL in Zurich have been able to break past the Q factor to handle over a thousand times the combination of power and bandwidth in today's systems.
the buffers is to temporarily store data arriving in the form of light through optical fibres. By slowing the mass of data, it is easier to process. Up to now, the storage quality had been limited.

With this new technique, it should be possible to improve the process and store large bandwidths of data for prolonged times. Other potential applications include on-chip spectroscopy, broadband light harvesting and energy storage, and broadband optical camouflaging. “The reported breakthrough is completely fundamental – we’re giving researchers a new tool and the number of applications is limited only by one’s imagination,” said Tsakmakidis.

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