Researchers improve holographic printing material, resolution

November 04, 2019 //By Julien Happich
holographic printing
Increasing on prior-art resolution and printing speed, Ultimate Holography founder Yves Gentet unveiled a novel hologram printing technology based on the use of low-power RGB continuous lasers combined with a proprietary ultrafine-grain silver-halide material.

Disclosed in the Applied Optics journal in a paper titled "CHIMERA, a new holoprinter technology combining low-power continuous lasers and fast printing", the new technology achieves a printing speed in excess of 25 hogels per second (holographic pixel) for full-color, 120° full-parallax digital reflection holograms. The authors demonstrated printed holographic optical elements up to 60x80cm, with a hogel size ranging from 250 to 500µm.

The CHIMERA printer uses red, green and blue low-power commercially available continuous wave lasers with shutters that adjust the exposure for each laser in a matter of milliseconds. The researchers also created a special anti-vibrating mechanical system to keep the holographic plate from moving during the recording. They also developed a 3D scanner using a 4K video camera, so they could scan real objects from which to print holograms on CHIMERA

They anticipate high-resolution colour holograms could be used to recreate objects or scenes for museum displays, architectural models, fine art or advertisements. As technology improves, especially 3D software, it may be possible to expand this hologram printing approach to medical or other advanced applications.

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