Retail LEDs aim to retain customers

March 09, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Retail LEDs
In Germany, a major supermarket chain owner is experimenting with new LED technologies that move beyond straightforward product illumination.

An Edeka store installed lights using ground-breaking Vitasolis LEDs from Nichia, claimed to offer a unique colour spectrum that recreates the effect of natural light on people.
Nichia’s new Vitasolis LED technology stimulates the body and its circadian rhythm in the same way as natural light. Although the new LED provides a very natural white colour, part of its spectrum contains a larger amount of energy in the cyan region, which is known to help control human circadian rhythms. Many artificial white light sources found in shops do not contain sufficient cyan to stimulate the body. In contrast, the enhanced cyan element present within the spectrum of Vitasolis opens the door to human-centric lighting solutions that promote well-being and alertness, reduce tiredness and stress, and elevate mental performance. The LED’s wide colour spectrum is also claimed to improve the response of the eyes to light, reducing strain.

The trial at an Edeka store observes how Vitasolis influences the mood of customers in store. Can it make shoppers more relaxed, more positive or more energetic, for example? Maybe it can prompt them to make a purchase as they approach fresh produce counters; encourage them to spend longer time at a store; or even prevent stress at key moments such as during payment.

Complimenting Vitasolis in the Edeka trial is Optisolis, another innovation from Nichia. Optisolis has a spectrum closer to sunlight than any previously developed LED, according to the manufacturer, and reveals the true colours of products like fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Optisolis has a colour rendering index (CRI) of 98, compared with 80 to 90 for typical retail lights.
For supermarkets like Edeka, the repertoire of lighting techniques includes the ‘meat lamp’, which brings a reddish glow to the butcher’s counter, making cuts look fresh, juicy and appetising. At the fish counter, bright, cool lights reflect the shine of freshly caught seafood and the sparkle of ice, while in

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