Rethinking Arduino for convenient prototyping

November 13, 2017 // By Julien Happich
In a KickStarter crowd-funding campaign running until December, UK-based French electronic designer Alexandre Pailhoux offers to solve the issues around the shape and layout of Arduino boards with a completely re-designed Arduino-compatible open source solution.

Pailhoux who runs the French-language Youtube channel U꞊RI about DIY electronics, has come up with many tutorial projects based on Arduino boards, and in this respect, describes himself as a fervent Arduino ambassador amongst his 20,000+ followers. But from his experience creating fun projects with Arduino boards, he encountered a number of practical issues, such as shields that completely hide the silkscreen and the reset push-button, only one pin out for each signal, female headers that can slightly hide the silkscreen. Does this sound familiar?

With a U-shaped PCB dubbed DevDuino, Pailhoux promises to add many practical prototyping features while making the board breadboard-friendly and capable of receiving mezzanine shields on its bottom side using male headers.

So far, the DevDuino KickStarter has already raised €51,235, well beyond Pailhoux' €8,000 humble goal. 

Designed to become a day-to-day assistant in fast prototyping, sensors evaluation and debugging for any professional electronics engineer, DevDuino is built around a low-power Microchip 8-bit AVR RISC-based MCU with 32KB of self-programming flash program memory, 2.5KB of SRAM, 1KB EEPROM, USB 2.0 full-speed/low speed device, 12-channel 10-bit A/D-converter, and JTAG interface for on-chip-debug.

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