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November 29, 2018 //By Charles Stewardson
The robotic future of manufacturing
The manufacturing industry has long been the backbone of the UK economy and a driver for the overall state of the nation. Today, UK manufacturing remains at the forefront of innovation as the sector works to keep pace with the introduction of new, more efficient technologies, and in the face of major competition from other global players.

Bringing value to Device Trade-in

Within low-margin markets, such as mobile device trade-in, labour costs are a significant consideration. Automation can help reduce these costs even in areas of high commoditisation and also provide the capability to deal with a broad range of devices without having to manually intervene to change the robot setup.

Industries that support product trade-in or upgrades, such as used smartphones or even used cars, are also built on the capitalisation of realising residual value. The used smartphone market intentionally discounts residual value against devices because of the variances between similarly graded devices caused by operator subjectivity.

Standard practices automatically apply a 15% discount because of these expected variances. Through automating the testing and visual inspection stages to ensure consistent, objective results, carriers and wholesalers could increase auction prices and get back that 15%. Given the billion-dollar size of the used smartphone market, that is significant value.


A Bright Future

Lights out manufacturing presents an exciting future for the manufacturing sector. We have moved a long way from jobs on the assembly lines introduced by Henry Ford, and into other more technical and service based roles within the industry. Automation can raise quality and lower processing and production costs, which in turn will open up new opportunities for UK manufacturers. As the industry moves more towards ‘lights out manufacturing, the future of UK automation has never looked brighter.


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