Rugged PC is designed for demanding environments

February 18, 2016 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Rugged PC is designed for demanding environments
For deployment in rough environments has GE developed the RXi-XR industrial PC. With features like temperature and shock resistance this computer is ideal for transport applications, in particular in the railway control context.

The RXi-XR IPC offers a combination of robustness, high performance and modularity that is required to guarantee a the availability of the IT infrastructure in the demanding railway environment. With its fanless solid-state design and its industry-proven components, the RXi-XR meets the EN50155 standard for electromagnetic compliance and temperature as well as vibration and shock resilience. In addition, the device is protected against humidity and splash water according to IP67. This standard makes sure that no dust can enter the casing and the computer an be immersed in water up to a depth of 1 metre. Through its patented heat removal technology, the computer operates in the broad temperature range between -40°C and +70°C.

To increase vibration resistance, CPU and memory chips are soldered directly to the PCB. The modular architecture is based on the COM express technology, facilitating potential upgrades and extending the lifecycle of the computer. Compact MI2 connectors contribute to the robustness of the computer since they prevent that the connectors shake lose under extreme vibration conditions.

For maximum flexibility the RXi-XR is equipped either with an Intel i7 processor (1.7 GHz) or with a Celeron processor with 1.4GHz. The system can be configured with maximum 4 GByte of RAM and a solid-state disk with 128 GByte.

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