Scalable wireless connectivity for IoT

February 26, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Wirepas Mesh, release 5.0 runs on the IoT devices themselves to enable a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient IoT network within one horizontal connectivity layer for all IoT use cases.

It allows users to collect data from their sensors to an IoT application in the cloud, control remotely located devices, communicate device-to-device in the network with or without cloud and track the location of moving assets. Wirepas Mesh 5.0 introduces new features that cater to different applications ranging from logistics to industry 4.0 and smart lighting. The highlights of these improvements and features are the increase of the address space from the impressive 16 million to an astonishing 4 billion devices in one single network and new open in-band joining protocol to further ease deployments. The new release doubles the data throughput, now handling 150 packets per second via one gateway, giving an effective application data throughput of roughly 120 kbit/s. Local multicast improves the performance of intra-network / node-to-node group communication and synchronous neighbour discovery enables devices to discover neighbours synchronously instead of scanning. The neighbour discovery can be done continuously in the background, without disrupting the data flow in the network. This leads to a more robust and reactive network, as all the neighbours and their link qualities are known all the time, even under changing conditions. The new release also supports gatewayless operation, meaning the Wirepas Mesh networks can work without a gateway communicating only between the nodes themselves, without any connection to the outside world.

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