SDK turns iPhones into head and eye tracker

September 03, 2021 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
SDK transforms iPhones into head and eye trackers
Eyeware's Beam iOS app takes advantage of TrueDepth camera technology and FaceID for remote and accurate eye and head tracking.

Swiss startup Eyeware Tech is commercialising its head and eye tracking app for a mass audience.

A software devleopment kit (SDK) for the Eyeware Beam app helps developers integrate head and eye-tracking Beam's technology into PC software that benefit applications in gaming, accessibility, UX user research or screening for reading disabilities.

"Our Beam iOS app, powered by Eyeware's leading computer vision and AI technology, takes further advantage of Apple's user-facing sensor, TrueDepth camera technology, to enable remote and accurate eye and head tracking functionalities, superior to any software-only solutions using webcams and far more affordable than any dedicated hardware with a comparable performance," said co-founder Bastjan Prenaj.

The developers and software vendors that build and distribute PC apps with Beam's eye tracking and head tracking functionalities can use of the Beam app to transform iPhones or iPads (Face ID enabled devices) into high-quality eye tracking and head tracking devices that perform better overall compared to any other solution on the market that doesn't require proprietary hardware. App integrators and developers have long depended on using dedicated hardware to enable these functionalities for their end-users. Releasing access to the Eyeware Beam head and eye tracking API and SDK through an in-app purchase, hardware is no longer a barrier to entry for developers and independent software vendors creating apps for gaming, research, and accessibility industries.

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