Sealed microswitches integrate LED indicator

March 13, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Sealed microswitches integrate LED indicator
The MP100/200 series microswitches from Microprecision Electronics SA now come with an optional integrated LED indicator light.

These microswitches have been designed for use at 24V in industrial automation applications and allow a simple, visual control of the switching function, which can be very cumbersome to perform, in particular when the switch is mounted far away from the connected controller. The LED facilitates the intuitive calibration and adjustment during installation of the switching point in the field, a broken cable will be instantly recognisable. For simple connection to a sensor box the switch will typically be provided with a 4-pin M12 cable connector interface. But other interface options like built-in M8 connector or a simple PVC cable are also available. The LED can either be wired to indicate the NC or the NO operation. A bicolour LED can even indicate a changeover operation. The electrical interface is either made up as a PNP or NPN circuit. The standard MP200 series switches are sealed up to IP68, this qualifies them for outdoor applications, for use under spray water and in full immersion (up to 20 meters depth). They are certified according to UL/EN standards for up to 15 A and suitable for temperatures up to 130°C.

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