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August 06, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Light Communication
The Visible Light Communication (VLC) industry is growing at a rapid rate and is set to exceed ten billion devices by 2023, according to HomeGrid Forum President Dr Len Dauphinee.

Only months after anticipating the need for specific requirements within certain markets and technologies, HomeGrid Forum has extended its G.hn profile to include VLC. Applications for G.9991 technology are not limited to visible light. The same technology can be applied to infrared and laser light under the broader technology category of Light Communications (LC).

To further these developments, HomeGrid Forum is now working on a certification for LC high-speed indoor optical wireless communication products.

“Wireless connectivity technology is already well-established with the support of Wi-Fi, but it is time to expand the capabilities of wireless connectivity and explore what more we, as an industry, can achieve,” continued Dr Dauphinee. “The potential for VLC and LC is enormous, but everyone needs to feel secure and safe as the industry progresses forward, especially as technology is driving forwards at such rapid speeds. VLC and LC technology are key parts of making wireless connectivity more secure.”

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