Sensor fusion gives handheld devices intuitive motion control

December 19, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Sensor fusion
CEVA’s MotionEngine Air software is a production-ready solution that delivers low power, motion-based gesture control, 3D motion tracking and pointing for consumer handheld devices in high volume markets.

The sensor fusion engine supports precise pointing, gesture and motion control algorithms for cursor point-and-click control of an onscreen UI; gestures such as flick, shake, tap, tilt, rotate, or circle for intuitive UI controls. It also supports 6-axis sensor fusion for 3D motion tracking in gaming and VR and motion events such as pick-up, flip and stability detector to enable power savings. Pre-qualified for use with sensors from the leading inertial sensor suppliers, the comprehensive software stack comes with host drivers and sensor management to streamline software integration with widely used operating systems including Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux. CEVA has developed an Arm Cortex-M based evaluation board and related firmware and the MotionEngine Air software can run on a variety of processors, including Arm Cortex-M, RISC-V and CEVA-BX and CEVA-TeakLite families of DSPs. It can be delivered in multiple configurations including a full-featured solution that requires an accelerometer plus gyroscope (IMU) and a gesture and motion event-based solution that requires only an accelerometer.


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