Septentrio, ArduSimple team for robot positioning

October 12, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Septentrio, ArduSimple team for robot positioning
Septentrio GNSS modules are being integrated into ArduSimple’s evaluation kits for resilient cm-level positioning on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, STM Nucleo, Ardupilot and Nvidia Jetson boards

Satellite positioning modules from Septentrio in Belgium are being integrated into evaluation kits developed by ArduSimple.

The mosaic-X5 GNSS module and mosaic-H heading module are being integrated into triple-band RTK as a plug-and-play solution for the most popular development platforms including Arduino, STM Nucleo, Raspberry Pi, Ardupilot and Nvidia Jetson. 

ArduSimple, developed in Andorra, is aimed at testing and prototyping robotics, UAV and autonomous systems.

"The mosaic module complements ArduSimple RTK product portfolio with a higher-end solution for the most demanding applications. Triple-band GNSS brings extra reliability to the RTK solution and removes the headache of transitioning from L2 to L5 band. This combined with its feature-rich software, will allow our customers to accelerate even more their time-to-market, " commented Marc Castillo, Senior Consultant at ArduSimple.

In addition to triple-band GNSS, mosaic module provides resilience to radio interference. This is especially important in robotic devices where electronic components, such as cameras and servos, are located close to the GPS/GNSS receiver, often interfering with weak GPS signals and causing positioning degradation. High-accuracy positioning is delivered at a high update-rate by mosaic-X5 in single antenna mode. Meanwhile, the board which mounts mosaic-H offers all-in functionality with dual-antenna mode for accurate GNSS heading.

 “By partnering with ArduSimple we are bringing mosaic to emerging markets where its outstanding performance makes a difference. Mosaic makes accurate positioning so much easier to integrate and use, while giving a competitive edge to new products,” said Gustavo Lopez, Market Access Manager at Septentrio. “ArduSimple is a great partner because they are known in the industry for offering user friendly and affordable evaluation kits for RTK positioning, complemented by software tools, making integration and rapid prototyping easy.”

The SimpleRTK3B board, which allows evaluation of the mosaic GNSS module, is now available for purchase via the ArduSimple web shop;

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