Single chip 15W USB Type-C charger for two series Li-ion battery packs

December 12, 2017 //By Nick Flaherty
Single chip 15W USB Type-C charger for two series Li-ion battery packs
Maxim Integrated has developed a single chip USB Type C device that combines a buck/boost converter, USB Type-C charger detection, 28V over-voltage protection and power path to support two series lithium on battery packs.

The 15W MAX14748 USB Type-C charging and charger chip replaces the patchwork of ICs previously required to deliver the same capabilities, while enabling designers to take advantage of only those USB Type-C functions required for their particular design. 

From wireless speakers to high-end cameras, virtual reality (VR) headsets, and even motorized medical devices, there are a variety of applications taking advantage of the simplicity of USB Type-C connectors for charging and transferring multimedia data streams. Two-series battery packs provide these applications with the power they need to operate; however, these products also require ample energy to recharge. Until now, developing USB Type-C products powered by 2-series battery packs has required multiple discrete components, increasing bill of materials (BOM) costs and introducing additional points of failure within the circuit. 

The MAX14748 supports legacy USB BC1.2-compliant and other non-standard chargers, enables USB Type-C charging at twice the power of Micro USB solutions. A programmable Automatic Input Current Limiting (AICL) feature safely draws the maximum current that the charging adapter can supply and provides 28V integrated overvoltage protection, JEITA charge protection, and ±15kV electrostatic discharge protection on USB adapter pins

“The MAX14748 is the market’s first solution that allows designers to capitalize on the many benefits of USB Type-C connectors and 2-series battery packs,” said Sui Shieh, VP of the Industrial & Healthcare Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “Designers can now take advantage of a simple, cost-effective way to extend fast and safe lithium-ion battery charging to a wider range of battery-powered products.”

The MAX14748, available in a 54-bump, 0.4mm pitch, 3.97mm x 2.77mm x 0.64mm wafer-level package (WLP), can be found on Maxim’s website and from select authorized distributors for $3.40 (1000-up, FOB USA). An evaluation kit, MAX14748EVKIT#, is available for $77.00.


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