Single-head test station applies electrical contact on all six sides

October 24, 2019 //By Julien Happich
test station
CGS GmbH has developed what the test company claims to be the world's most compact single-head inspection system, capable of processing the multiple PCB-format N5 (175x175mm) with up to 1,000 contact needles, which can be randomly placed on the upper and lower sides.

What’s more, the inline test station ITS 115 can apply electrical contact to 90-degree plugs on four sides with pneumatically actuated test probes. All test points specific to the device under test are combined in a cassette module that can be changed by the operator within a minute. The system can be built in two lanes to halve the cycle time. A sophisticated design allows for easy access to all interfaces and signal interconnection points.

Like all inline-test systems from CGS, the ITS 115 is based on the patented double-stroke test head, which simultaneously contacts the device under test from above and from below. All electrical signals are provided either via VPC or Pylon interface. An integrated stroke counter is available as well, as is the possibility to integrate customer-specific additional hardware into the cassettes. Thanks to its slim design, the ITS 115 fits through virtually any office door. Large flaps provide direct access to all machine areas; in addition, the test station is vertically divisible, which facilitates upgrades of the testers as well as maintenance in the area of the test heads. Several ITS stations can be connected in a row, enabling different test and programming tasks to be performed one after the other.

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