Single-wavelength PAM4 DSP chip delivers 100G

September 18, 2017 //By Julien Happich
Single-wavelength PAM4 DSP chip delivers 100G
MultiPhy has unveiled what the company believes to be the worlds’ first 100G single-wavelength PAM4 DSP IC, designed for data center and 5G Cloud RAN connections.

The MPF3101 chip includes leading-edge digital signal processing and mixed-signal cores, driving PAM4 single wavelength technology. Moving from parallel optics (typically quad 25G solutions) to a native single 100G solution reduces the number of optical components, and eases opto-electronic bandwidth requirements. MultiPhy estimates its new chip could yield a 75% BOM reduction, it represents a 400% increase in capacity while slashing power consumption by 25%.

The 10x10mm IC can be used in industry-standard QSFP28 optical modules, significantly increasing port density and paving the way for smaller form factors and onboard optic solutions. The MPF3101 is built on TSMC's 16nm high-speed low-power process, it supports links up to 2km for data centers (without repeaters), and up to 10km for 5G wireless infrastructures (up to 80km with repeaters). Together with partner Semtech, MultiPhy has developed a complete reference design optimised with Semtech's SerDes solutions.

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