In-Situ SEM Nano-indenter for accurate MEMS quantification

April 26, 2019 //By Julien Happich
SEM Nano-indenter
Switzerland-based FemtoTools AG has released what the company claims to be the world’s highest resolution in-situ SEM nano-indenter, for the accurate quantification of material properties, deformation mechanics, fracture resistance and fatigue behaviour of materials and local constituents.

Using a microchip-based sensing element manufactured using a specialized semiconductor fabrication process, t he FT-NMT04 in-situ SEM nano-indenter is said to outperform conventional nano-indenters in terms of sensitivity, resolution and repeatability. The instrument has a high resonance frequency (>1 kHz) and the ability to measure fast events or to conduct fatigue or cyclic tests at high frequencies. The instrument can be used for h igh-resolution nano-indentation to quantify a material’s Young’s modulus and hardness down to penetration depths of less than 10nm. Another use case is f racture testing for micro-cantilever structures in MEMS or tensile testing to measure the full stress-strain curve of a structure during plastic deformation or fracture events. This will be particularly useful for testing m etamaterials and microstructures (MEMS) under compression or strain.

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