Slideshow: Twelve shakers and movers in MEMS: Page 8 of 11

March 03, 2014 //By Peter Clarke
Slideshow: Twelve shakers and movers in MEMS
On the following pages you will find the names and brief biographies of 12 individuals who have, or who are, doing much to drive microelectromechanical system (MEMS) components forward both technically and commercially.

Harvey Nathanson, speaking in 1984 at a IEEE Centennial briefing for the media.

Harvey C. Nathanson, is a retired electrical engineer and emeritus member of the governing council of the MEMS Industry Group trade body who is credited as being the inventor of the first microelectromechanical system (MEMS) component.

Nathanson patented the first MEMS device in 1965 while working for Westinghouse Electric Corp. in the R&D Labs. This was a mechanically resonant tuner for microelectronic radios and it was followed within a couple of years by a more refined device, the resonant gate transistor.

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