Smart grids and IoT convergence turns more data into cash

July 11, 2013 //By Julien Happich
Smart grids and IoT convergence turns more data into cash
While the smart grid sensor market is set to double in size by 2014, growing to well over USD200 million of annual revenue by 2018 according to IMS Research, it only represents a fraction of the global market for M2M data collection, aggregation and actuation devices.

According to a recent analysis by Machina Research, machine-to-machine communications already account for 2 billion M2M connections today and are set to grow to 18 billion in 2022, that at an incredible CAGR of 22%

Visiting the Smart Grid Congress in Paris last month, more than hardware metering solutions, one could immediately notice the strong emphasis on data management, analysis and data monetizing opportunities. While utility providers had some metering solutions on display, like the Linky smart meter from ERDF and various smart plugs that provide power consumption data from any appliance connected through them, the congress' biggest focus really was on how to make the best use of data through simple user interfaces.

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