Smart light switch comes with Alexa built-in

August 28, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Smart light
iDevices, the exclusive smart home manufacturer under Hubbell Incorporated, has released a smart light switch with Alexa built-in. Dubbed “Instinct”, the switch combines the performance of a Wi-Fi enabled smart switch with the convenience of integrated voice control in a unique design.

With Instinct, users aren’t just controlling a smart light switch with a separate Alexa device. Instinct is an Alexa device, giving users the ability to issue voice commands to control iDevices’ entire line of smart lighting, power, and HVAC solution in addition to any other Alexa-enabled smart devices. When Instinct is installed throughout the home, users need only their voice for effortless smart home control. Instinct is essential in situations when users have their hands full, or need to control devices in another part of the home. A user in an upstairs bedroom can use Instinct to shut off lights left on in the living room or basement without having to go downstairs.

Within the Amazon Alexa app, users can control and manage Instinct remotely, alongside iDevices and other Alexa-enabled products. Users can create routines in the app to automate daily tasks, and access more than 90,000 Alexa skills that make Instinct even more powerful. With Instinct in an entryway, users can turn on their entire home with a single command the moment they walk through the front door. Users can also schedule lighting and other smart home accessories, or set them to adjust automatically when they leave or arrive home, adding efficiency and an additional layer of security.

In addition to smart home control, Alexa within Instinct serves as the on-demand personal assistant for anything. Just ask, and Alexa provides personalized weather and traffic updates, news, notifications and so much more.

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