Smart-meter chipset gets wireless support

November 12, 2019 //By Julien Happich
The ST8500 smart-meter chipset from STMicroelectronics now integrates both RF and PLC communication, enabling smart meters to communicate through existing power cables or radio frequency waves, combining the strengths of both types of connection.

Where power lines may be too noisy for PLC, or where local regulations dictate, equipment makers can now implement wireless and PLC quickly and efficiently using the ST8500. In addition, the built-in RF capability lets equipment designers leverage the ST8500’s high feature integration and ease of use in other smart devices such as gas and water smart meters, environmental monitors, lighting controllers, and industrial sensors. ADD Grup, a European smart-metering solutions company, has announced new hybrid PLC/wireless products that contain this enhanced chipset. Unlike simple point-to-point links, hybrid mesh networking interconnects nodes extensively to create more reliable and fault-tolerant connections and extend communication distances.

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