20 nozzle smart placement for SIP packaging

February 17, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
20 nozzle smart placement for SIP packaging
ASM's Siplace TX micron is a dual head assembly and packaging system that can handle the smallest components and thin die for system-in-package SIP devices

Industrial equipment maker ASM has boosted the speed of its system-in-package SIP and advanced packaging assembly system.

The 20-nozzle SIPLACE TX micron uses two high-speed placement heads to increase performance by roughly 23 percent to up to 96,000 components per hour, or 26 a second, while increasing the component spectrum by 37 percent.

A single machine covers the three precision classes of 25, 20 and 15 µm @ 3σ, making it possible to operate with component pitches of as little as 50 µm and place 0201m components at full speed. Special functions for thin-die handling in SIP packages deliver significantly higher yields when assembling modules or submodules.

Advanced packaging, which is one of today’s key technologies in electronics production, blurs the lines between outsourced assembly and packaging (OSATs), IDMs and ‘classical’ surface mount SMT applications, says the company. The production of SiP and SoC devices as well as the processing of dies and flip-chip modules on high-precision SMT platforms is becoming more common every day.

“As the world's largest supplier of equipment to the electronics industry, ASM serves the back-end segment for semiconductor production as well as classical SMT factories,” said Alexander Hagenfeldt, Head of Product Marketing at ASM. “The development of the new SIPLACE TX micron was based on decades of experience and the latest technologies from both fields to raise advanced packaging and high-density applications to a new level of productivity. The TX micron is the fastest and most precise Siplace machine that ASM has ever introduced.”

The SpeedStar 20-segment placement head can now place up to 48,000 components per hour (cph), and the dual-gantry SIPLACE TX micron uses two of these for a placement performance of up to 96,000 cph. This is made possible by the new placement head as well as by another shortening of its travel paths with a more compact feeder control unit (FCU) and Z-axis travel that has been shortened to 2mm.

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The dual gantry SIPLACE TX micron can place 26 components a second including thin die and tiny 0201m parts

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