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October 15, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Smart power stages target IoT infrastructure systems
With a total of 21 new products, Renesas is introducing the second generation of software-configurable digital multiphase controllers and smart power stages for IoT equipment. These devices support up to 1000A loads for advanced CPUs, FPGAs, GPUs and artificial intelligence (AI) ASICs.

The smart power stages also integrate highly precise current sense and reporting, simplifying power designs by eliminating the need for complex temperature and inductor DCR compensation. The SPS’ current reporting is guaranteed at 2 percent accuracy over line, load and temperature. This is a significant improvement over DCR sensing which suffers from lack of temperature compensation, inductor DCR variance and time constant error with load.

Renesas’ PowerNavigator software for digital multiphase controllers provides flexibility, configurability and powerful debugging tools all in a single powerful graphical user interface (GUI). Power designers can easily configure the controller, set the parameters to tune the system and debug/monitor using the black box, high speed command logging, and digital test bus features.

The 15 new digital multiphase controllers are available as well as the six new smart power are available now in QFN packages from Renesas’ worldwide distributors.

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