Smartphone to become authentication token for securing data on PCs

March 02, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Trusted Logic Mobility and Wave Systems have joined their efforts to offer a combined solution enabling enterprises to extend security architectures normally associated to their PC assets to also cover mobile devices. Using the smartphone as a token to authenticate the user, the solution allows encrypted data held in a corporate laptop computer to be unlocked. This is enabled by secure software based on the industry standard Mobile Trusted Module (MTM) to check the integrity of the smartphone.

Trusted Logic Mobility provides the MTM software, building on its Trusted Foundations security solution while leveraging the ARM TrustZone secure hardware architecture. Wave Systems developed the application in the smartphone for communicating with the laptop as well as the software to evaluate the smartphone's integrity and provides the service for managing the MTM and the laptop’s Self-Encrypting Drives.

Trusted Foundations is Trusted Logic Mobility’s hardware-software security architecture that stores, processes, and protects sensitive data in a dedicated zone, based on the ARM TrustZone chipset architecture which provides an isolated hardware area. This security architecture follows an industry standard known as Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Wave Systems developed the laptop security software known as EMBASSY Trust Suite.


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