Solid-state batteries: QuantumScape test data indicate breakthrough

December 10, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Solid-state batteries: QuantumSape test data indicate breakthrough
Battery technology company QuantumScape has released performance data of its solid-state lithium-metal batteries for use in electric vehicles (EVs). These batteries will help increasing the driving range of electric vehicles significantly.

A commercially viable solid-state lithium-metal battery is an advancement that the battery industry has pursued for decades, as it holds the promise of a step function increase in energy density over conventional lithium-ion batteries, enabling electric vehicles with a driving range comparable to combustion engine-based vehicles. QuantumScape’s solid-state battery is designed to enable up to 80% longer range compared to today’s lithium-ion batteries. Previous attempts to create a solid-state separator capable of working with lithium metal at high rates of power generally required compromising other aspects of the cell such as cycle life, operating temperature, safety, cathode loading, or excess lithium in the anode.

QuantumScape’s newly-released results, based on testing of single layer battery cells, show its solid-state separators are capable of working at very high rates of power, enabling a 15-minute charge to 80% capacity, faster than either conventional battery or alternative solid-state approaches are capable of delivering. In addition, the data shows that the company’s battery technology is capable of lasting hundreds of thousands of miles. In addition, they can operate at a wide range of temperatures, down to arctic -30°C.

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