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December 05, 2018 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The German Aerospace research center DLR developed an optical navigation and inspection system for use in environments where position determination is not possible via a satellite navigation system such as GPS or Galileo. The Integrated Positioning System (IPS) can accurately determine one's own position without additional "prior knowledge" of the environment and without external reference points. Originally developed for missions in outer space, the scientists also see possible applications in tunnels, mines or industrial facilities, for example.

The Institute has already developed functional models of the Integrated Positioning System, which are currently used in various application areas within the framework of Industry 4.0 and Navigation. The DMT PILOT 3D, for example, developed in cooperation with DLR, is a system for precise position and attitude determination, navigation and 3D documentation. This innovative technology - originally developed for Mars missions - is now used in mining, ship inspection, construction and infrastructure projects, as well as in forestry and seismic surveying. The mobile hand-held device is small and lightweight, making it ideal for areas that are difficult to access.

The DLR Institute of Optical Sensor Systems researches and develops active and passive optical sensor systems for space travel, flying platforms and robotic systems. It participates in the scientific use of the data measured with these systems and is involved with its core competencies in a large number of national and international cooperations. The vision of the institute is the development of autonomous optical sensor systems in analogy and extension of visual human perception.

Recently, the institute has won the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award for its development.

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