Stand-alone programmer for electronics production lines

February 24, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Stand-alone programmer for electronics production lines
The FlashFox ISP from Göpel Electronic supports up to four PODs from one master unit for programming on the production line

Göpel Electronic in Jena, Germany, has launched an embedded In System Programmer (ISP) for programming on the production line.

FlashFox consists of a master unit and up to four small programming heads (PODs) that communicate with each other at high speed. The PODs allow the FlashFOX to be used specifically for the respective programming task. FlashFOX is controlled via LAN, UART or a defined ATE interface. This enables powerful programming and validation of up to four different circuits simultaneously. Different interfaces are operated (as e.g. JTAG, SWD or DAP as well as SPI, I²C or UART).

GÖPEL Electronic is one of the leading suppliers of test and programming solutions for electronics development and production using JTAG and Boundary Scan technoloigy and the advanced SCANFLEX II architecture,. The FlashFOX is a native extension of the embedded programming product portfolio, which is particularly suitable for the more demanding professional and expert levels in the field of Embedded JTAG Solutions technologies.

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