Start-up company sketches thin film OLEDs

June 12, 2012 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Start-up company sketches thin film OLEDs
At the upcoming LOPE-C organic electronics trade fair, Cynora GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany) plans to present its recent technological progress. The start-up company develops technologies to be used in thin-film OLEDs for a broad range of applications including smart packaging.

The VC-funded company, currently in the second year of the A-round, focuses on developing organic semiconducting materials. In particular, Cynora drives the development of new emitting materials that make use of Singlet Harvesting. This technology improves the energy efficiency of organic LEDs and reduces the emission time of the emitter molecules involved. "This term refers to the timespan of excitation", explained Cynora CEO Dr. Tobias Grab. "During this timeframe, the molecule is 'blocked' - it can emit only one light quantum. With a shorter excitation time, you can emit more quanta per time and thus achieve a higher light intensity".

The company also develops manufacturing processes for monochrome and white OLED devices where stabilization of different color layers is an issue. While Cynora's  research activities cover the entire OLED process chain, it does not plan to establish an own manufacturing line. Instead, it is planning to cooperate with major OLED powerhouses such as Novaled or Osram, Grab said. "In terms of component development, we are now in the prototype phase now", he said. He added that the company is considering the production of flexible monochromatic OLEDs in house. Such relatively simple foils could hit the market beginning 2013.

Beyond these activities, the company also offers R&D services and aims at OLED- related IP.

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