STEM module helps teach students key physics concepts

February 07, 2019 // By Rich Pell
STEM module helps teach students key physics concepts
Educational software and equipment provider Vernier Software & Technology (Beaverton, OR) has released a downloadable motion and force experiments module designed to engage students in hands-on learning as they investigate key STEM concepts.

The Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct Sensor Cart downloadable activity module lets students explore the force of friction, aspects of motion, and simple machines such as the lever, ramp, and pulley. The seven ready-to-use experiments in the activity module all use the company's Go Direct Sensor Cart - which features built-in, Bluetooth wireless sensors for one-dimensional dynamics and kinematics experiments - and other materials typically found in the classroom.

"The new activity module provides teachers with engaging hands-on activities they can easily incorporate into their science curricula and lesson plans," says John Wheeler, CEO of Vernier Software & Technology. "The activities use the Go Direct Sensor Cart in a variety of ways — from testing a lever to simulating a car crash — to help students make meaningful learning connections as they collect and analyze data."

With the Go Direct Sensor Cart, students can collect force, position, velocity, and acceleration data directly on their devices using Bluetooth wireless technology, without the need for any additional equipment. In addition to incorporating built-in wireless sensors to reduce setup time and make data collection in basic experiments easier and quicker, the cart can collect data on or off a track.

Experiments in the activity module that use the Go Direct Sensor Cart include Investigating Friction, Levers as Machines, Ramps as Machines, and Newton's Second Law, among others. The activity module provides teachers with electronic access to the most up-to-date versions of all of the experiments, as well as word-processing files of student pages, helpful teaching tips, suggested answers, and sample data and graphs.

The Exploring Motion and Force with Go Direct Sensor Cart activity module is available for $20.

Vernier Software & Technology

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