Surgery-compatible cables have low friction jacket

October 25, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Surgery-compatible cables have low friction jacket
Hew-Kabel now provides its special cables for medical technology with an optional Hew-Silindo jacket that minimizes sliding friction and prevents the stick-slip effect on patients or components of medical systems.

The Hew-Silindo can be sterilized and is biocompatible according to EN ISO 10993-5. Products optimized for medical robots can combine fibre optic cables, coax elements, single wires and strain relief and can resist considerable tensile as well as torsional loads. As miniaturized low-noise cables, they minimize and eliminate external influences such as friction, torsion or vibrations, which cause considerable disruptive signals in the form of triboelectric and microphonic noise, and have considerable influence on signal quality. For applications in imaging diagnostics (CT, MRT, X-ray), HEW offers highly efficient and flexible flat cables that maintain their reliability even after millions of flex cycles and, allow brilliant results on a lasting basis. Hybrid connection cables for dental devices or dentists' chairs combine electrical connections, water or air supply, e.g. through integrated PTFE tubes. Hew-Silindo is resistant to conventional sterilization processes including steam sterilization (autoclave), plasma sterilization with hydrogen peroxide gas, disinfection washing, ultrasonic sterilization, gas sterilization with ethylene oxide, gamma sterilization and wipe disinfection. Thanks to the in-house manufacture, Hew can develop application-specific versions together with customers and supply them within a short period of time and at a consistently high quality level.

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