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December 21, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Swedish startup beats E Ink on low-power
Two-year-old Swedish startup rdot, based in Gothenburg and effectively a spin-off from University, stacks electrochromic materials and organic conductors on top of a thin and flexible PET substrate to create ultra-low power segmented displays.

Together with research institute RISE Acreo in Norrköping Sweden, Rdot is also developing an entirely printed passive matrix version of its display, using organic transparent conductors which it hopes to have ready by the middle of 2019. As a first development step, rdot will use the matrix to drive segmented displays, to reduce the number of driving pins required at the microcontroller (which typically adds costs). Then the startup wants to address the paper-thin displays at pixel level.

It could be a few years before rdot's displays reach the consumer market though, the company's products are in a qualification phase, with samples being tested by various partners. Founded in 2016, the company has managed to fund itself through grants, EU programs and government support. "We've closed quite some good deals with joint-development partners and we'll try to avoid having to raise capital if we don't need to, to favour an organic growth" Karlsson said discussing the company's finances. "We may need some capital in a year or so to scale up our company, but we want to be more established before and find our right market. The startup also wants to collaborate with other printed and flexible electronics companies to design full flexible products.

Rdot - www.rdotdisplays.com


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