Talkin’ Things partners with PragmatIC to embed flexible NFC chips into packaging

November 09, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Talkin’ Things partners with PragmatIC to embed flexible NFC chips into packaging
Under the auspices of a strategic partnership with PragmatIC, Talkin’ Things plans to embed PragmatIC’s flexible integrated circuits into its smart packaging solution to bring consumer engagement and brand protection to trillions of products.

Being ultra-thin and flexible, PragmatIC’s flexible integrated circuits such as its RFID/NFC FlexICs are expected to blend imperceptibly even in flexible packaging, while being significantly lower cost than comparable silicon-based options.

According to the two partners, these qualities will help drive the mass market adoption of smart packaging in one of the fastest growing packaging formats (flexible packaging) used in the home, cosmetic and food/beverage consumer packaged goods (CPGs) industries, as well as opening up new mass market segments previously inaccessible.

“We are looking forward to working closely with PragmatIC,” commented Marcin Pilarz, CEO of Talkin’ Things. “PragmatIC is bringing flexible electronics to market at a price level previously unavailable for smart packaging technologies. Thanks to this Talkin’ Things will be able to drive interactivity into a broader range of high volume consumer goods than ever before.”

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