TDK Epcos's slim PowerHap piezoactuators now at Mouser

September 18, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Mouser Electronics is now stocking PowerHap piezo actuators from TDK Epcos, which come with integrated sensor functionality.

Designed to provide haptic feedback for human-machine interfaces, the devices can excite the entire stimulation range between 1Hz and 1000Hz for custom high-definition haptic feedback profiles. The multilayer piezo plates are designed with cost-effective copper inner electrodes, which allow designers to drive the actuators with relatively low operating voltages up to 120V. The PowerHap actuators are available in three types, each in a RoHS-compatible ceramic body with titanium cymbals for displacement amplification. The 2.5G type achieves a displacement of up to 35μm and can generate an acceleration of 2.5 g forces of up to 5N in a 9×9mm footprint. The 12.7x12.7mm 7G type achieves a displacement of up to 100μm and can generate an acceleration of 7 g forces of up to 5N. The 15G type is a 26×26mm devices that can achieve a displacement of more than 200μm and can generate an acceleration of 15 g forces of up to 20N.

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