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May 10, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Tech trends in the lab: Apps displace buttons, GPIB lives on
Technological change does not spare laboratory measurement equipment. The most striking and visible trend in this market is the transformation of the user interfaces: Increasingly, touch screens replace conventional buttons; context-sensitive user guidance makes voluminous manuals redundant, says Peter Bachmayr, Technical Marketing Manager EMEA at Tektronix EMEA.

power levels, users need meters, oscilloscopes and source measure units need to cover the kilovolt and tens of amperes range - "albeit not necessarily at the same time", as Bachmayr puts it.

And, finally, has the time come to pronounce the General-Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) death, as some observers are saying? "This is something I hear since 20 years", Bachmayr explains. "But if you listen to the customers, it is alive and well, and it will live on for decades." Nevertheless, alternatives to the venerable data bus, a development of HP back in the sixties, are looming. "Ethernet would be a good candidate, in particular in connection with LXI. And also USB is gaining significance".

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