Technical security solution makes cash registers tamper-proof

June 04, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Technical security
Swissbit AG has developed a technical security solution for tamper-proof recording of POS (Point of sale) data. The launch is in response to new statutory regulations imposed by German tax authorities.

By January 1. 2020, all new electronic and existing PC-based POS systems in Germany must be equipped with a certified technical security device (TSE). All other existing POS systems will need to be retrofitted accordingly by the end of 2022.The Swissbit TSE is connected to the USB-, SD- or microSD-port which allows easy system integration for both manufactures of traditional POS systems as well as POS software providers for PCs or tablets. For existing POS systems it is also a very cost-effective retrofit-solution. For networked POS systems, a LAN-TSE option with multiple Swissbit TSEs ensures fiscal compliance across a complete POS system without the need for hardware upgrades of each individual cash register. In addition to the TSE, Swissbit also provides a software development kit, drivers and support for Windows, Linux, Android and embedded systems.

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