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November 12, 2020 // By Margaret Cunha, Digi-key Electronics
Three lessons from Digi-Key’s Digital Transformation Webinar
The past few months have accelerated a digital revolution in the procurement industry. The transformation has been so profound that Digi-Key recently hosted a webinar on digital solutions for procurement professionals, and also released an eBook on digital transformation in the procurement space.
  1. The easiest way to get started with digital solutions is by getting set up with a quoting process.

Getting set up with a quoting process is a great way to kickstart your organization’s digital transformation. A quoting process alone represents a major timesaver for whoever handles your organization’s quotes. Panelists from the webinar all agreed: establishing a quoting process will show you the power and speed of digital solutions and will compel you to search out further ways to automate your processes. In addition to efficiency, procurement professionals will be motivated by the ROI that accompanies digital solutions. Cara admitted that Prime EMS probably saw a return within 30-60 days of implementing digital solutions because she hit a huge quote order that Prime would likely not have been able to fulfill otherwise.


Undergoing a digital transformation may seem like a daunting task to procurement professionals who still rely heavily on manual processes. Yet everyday your organization goes without digital solutions is another one that you’re at a competitive disadvantage to those who do.

Now is the time to take the first step toward streamlining your processes for efficiency. Start by reading Digi-Key’s Digital Transformation eBook and get ready to experience the success and speed that accompany automation.

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