TI's inductive touch sensing module at Mouser

January 10, 2017 //By Julien Happich
TI's inductive touch sensing module at Mouser
Distributor Mouser Electronics claims to be the first to offer the LDC2114 Evaluation Module (EVM) for the TI's LDC2112 and LDC2114 inductive touch solutions.

The board demonstrates the use of inductive sensing to detect and measure the presence of conductive objects to implement inductive touch buttons. The LDC2114EVM features the LDC2114, a multi-channel low-noise inductance-to-digital converter optimized for inductive touch applications on monolithic surfaces. Inductive sensing technology enables touch button design on a wide variety of materials such as metal, glass, plastic, and wood by measuring small deflections of conductive targets. The sensor for an inductive touch system is a coil that can be implemented on a small, compact PCB located behind a panel and protected from the environment. The LDC2114EVM can connect up to four buttons using the LDCCOILEVM or customized coils designed using the WEBENCH® Inductive Sensing Designer. The board offers integrated and configurable algorithms for button press detection with onboard LED indicators. The LDC2114 consumes as little as 6µA at 0.625 samples per second, and designers can configure the device at different duty cycles to optimize the power consumption of their system.

Visit Mouser Electronics at www.mouser.com

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