ToF demo board drives lasers up to 28A in 1.2ns pulses

January 09, 2020 //By Julien Happich
demo board
The EPC9144 is a 15V, 28A high current pulsed laser diode driver demonstration board able to deliver power pulses as narrow as 1.2ns to drive laser diodes, VCSELs or LEDs up to ten times faster than an equivalent MOSFET, in a small fraction of the area, energy, and cost.

The AEC Q101-qualified board features eGaN FETs and integrated circuits driving the short pulses, leading to higher resolution in ToF measurement. The EPC9144 ships with an interposer board, in fact a collection of break-away 5x5mm square interposer PCBs with footprints to accommodate different lasers, RF connectors, and a collection of other footprints designed for experimentation with different loads. The use of the interposers allows many different lasers or other loads to be mounted, allowing users to test the performance with the load requirements that are appropriate to their application.


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