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May 20, 2020 //By Christoph Jehle
Whether for smartphones, vehicles, industrial controls, domestic appliances or gaming consoles, the future belongs to piezo-based push-button solutions with haptic feedback.

PowerHap actuators are suitable for a wide stimulation range from 1 Hz to 500 Hz with variable amplitudes, durations and signal shapes, such as sine, triangle or rectangle. Depending on the type, the drive voltage is between -20 V and 120 V or -10 V and 60 V. These actuators are therefore able to generate a customized haptic feedback to human mechanoreceptors.

Correspondingly, these actuators enable designers to create specific, high-definition haptic feedback profiles that users expect from cutting-edge HMIs in automotive and industrial applications. The combination of low-profile designs no more than 2.3 mm thick and strong feedback allows these actuators not only to be integrated in displays, but also to be placed directly below flat surfaces. This enables solutions with a high degree of leak-tightness which is just as necessary in harsh industrial environments as in applications with stringent hygiene requirements, such as in the food industry or medical technology.


Fig 4: When functioning as a sensor, the output voltage of
PowerHap is to a great extent proportional to the force applied.

Excellent sensory properties

Apart from the excellent actuator performance, the PowerHap components also feature outstanding sensor functionality thanks to the multilayered piezo technology. In contrast to conventional switches or pushbuttons that, as is well known, can only provide the On and Off switching states, PowerHap delivers an output voltage that is proportional to the pressure applied. Figure 4 illustrates this behavior. As a result, and unlike conventional mechanical push-buttons, it is even possible to create solutions based on PowerHap that trigger different actions and haptic feedback, depending on the force applied.

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