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May 20, 2020 //By Christoph Jehle
Whether for smartphones, vehicles, industrial controls, domestic appliances or gaming consoles, the future belongs to piezo-based push-button solutions with haptic feedback.

Slim design for lateral installation

Fig. 5: Rectangular PowerHap types are suitable for the lateral
control of displays. Typical applications are vehicle displays.

In addition to the square PowerHap types that are particularly suitable for use under flat surfaces, TDK has also developed four slim, rectangular PowerHap types that are designed to provide lateral haptic feedback in addition to vertical haptic feedback. The two smallest versions only 9mm or 12mm long, are particularly suitable for handheld-held devices.

The two larger versions with side lengths of 60 mm are currently the most powerful PowerHap types, as they enable forces of up to 50 N to be generated, enabling masses of up to 1 kg to be moved. These powerful packages can, for example, be installed at the side of displays in order to achieve a horizontal haptic feedback, as shown in Figure 5.

To enable users to gain initial impression of the varied possibilities of haptic feedback with PowerHap actuators, TDK offers two evaluation kits. The BOS1901Kit development board is designed for the 60 V actuators that are contained in the kit (0909H011V060, 0904H014V060 and 1204H018V060). The board is based on the haptic driver architecture from Boréas Technologies. The main features are the compact dimensions, low current consumption and fast response times. In addition, the board offers extensive adjustment options with regard to the voltage amplitude, frequency, pulse repetition rate, signal shape and sensor functionality. The second evaluation kit is suitable for both 60 V and 120 V PowerHap types and is available in two versions: A driver for one actuator and a driver for up to 5 actuators. These kits contain PowerHap actuators of the types 0909H011V060, 1313H018V120 and 2626H023V120.

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