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May 20, 2020 //By Christoph Jehle
Whether for smartphones, vehicles, industrial controls, domestic appliances or gaming consoles, the future belongs to piezo-based push-button solutions with haptic feedback.

Competent design support through cooperative ventures

Systems with haptic feedback are relatively new technologies. Accordingly, no standard solutions yet exist which can be drawn upon. In order to enable customers from every industry to complete a fast and cost-efficient design-in of haptic solutions, TDK has entered into joint ventures with three leading touch response companies. Aito ( offers controller solutions with its HapticTouch hardware and software, which convert piezo actuators into precise touch sensors with haptic feedback. These enable tactile switches or pushbuttons to be simulated on smooth surfaces. Using the combined haptic technologies of TDK and Aito, touch response solutions can be implemented on smartphone touchscreens, or conventional switches and pushbuttons in vehicles can be replaced.

Fig. 6: The evaluation kits provide an initial impression
of haptic feedback with PowerHap actuators and allow
users to evaluate design possibilities.

Boréas Technologies ( has developed the BOS1901 driver IC on the basis of its patented CapDrive technology. It is particularly energy efficient, also offering sensor functions, and is especially suitable for controlling TDK PowerHap actuators with an operating voltage of up to 60 V. In a further stage of development, Boréas will develop the first low-power piezo driver IC for the larger TDK PowerHap models with a maximum driver voltage of 120 V.

Immersion ( is a leading developer and licensor for touch -feedback technologies. TDK has struck a co-marketing agreement with this company for its PowerHap and PiezoHapt actuators. Immersion certifies these actuators for use with its software products and also includes the actuators in its reference designs. This enables customers to implement advanced haptic solutions with the world's thinnest and most powerful actuators.

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