Touchscreen controller also integrates haptics control

October 22, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Touchscreen controller also integrates haptics control
The aXiom AX310 is what manufacturer TouchNetix claims to be the industry's first touchscreen controller to be designed specifically for industrial and automotive applications.

The new controller combines a novel analogue front end which uses a narrowband, low-voltage sinusoidal drive waveform, an innovative seamless frequency-changing capability to avoid noisy frequency ranges, together with a high-performance proprietary digital signal processor (DSP) engine. This new architecture has a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 80dB, compared to the typical 50-55dB of competing products in the market, claims the manufacturer.

The aXiom controller drives the capacitive sensor at a low DC-neutral 2.5Vpk-pk, whereas other controllers often use a drive voltage of +30V or higher to achieve even a modest SNR. This in turn produces very low levels of radiated emissions and the DC neutral bias also dramatically reduces the stresses experienced by the touchscreen materials. The aXiom IC's high SNR also enables reliable multi-point touch sensing through thick overlays, including acrylic thicker than 10mm or with an air gap in the stack, and even when the user wears gloves. The chip's DSP engine enables micro-adjustment of the sensitivity at each node in the sensor matrix: the screen's touch-sensing behaviour can be tuned regionally to provide uniform responsiveness to touch across a screen with an overlay of variable thickness. This allows OEMs to rethink the display user interface (UI), building in contours, ridges or valleys to guide the user's finger while the user looks away from the screen.

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