Tower mounted amplifier market to see decade of growth

March 14, 2018 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Tower mounted amplifier market to see decade of growth
The latest report by Future Market Insights estimates that the global tower mounted amplifier market will grow at 9.1 percent CAGR over the next decade (2017-2027).

IoT technology is gaining extremely high traction over the past several years owing to the increasing number of connected devices. Various telecommunication providers already offer IoT based services, to small and large enterprises, that are cost effective and provide various benefits such as M2M (machine to machine) communication and wireless transactions to consumers. However, these devices need power amplifiers with a view to delivering enhanced coverage and minimising battery power consumption. This has made tower mounted amplifiers a prominent choice among network service providers, consequently fuelling the growth of the global tower mounted amplifier market.

In addition, several regions across the globe increased adoption of modern technologies such as fibre, 4G, 5G upgrades and several other networking technologies in the telecom infrastructure. Moreover, virtualization has taken the telecom sector to the next level that is enabling consumers to leverage the ability of using software provided by cloud. This allows users of smartphone to save their data on cloud, thus increasing the requirement of good network connectivity that can offer quick access to data at any point in time. This has contributed to the use of tower mounted amplifiers thus driving the global market.

Growing network infrastructure in the region has contributed to the growth of tower mounted amplifiers. An increase in the number of smartphone users has resulted in increasing demand for new network infrastructure in order to balance the increasing network traffic and enhance communication. In emerging countries such as India, the number of consumers using smartphones is increasing at a high rate, which has called for installation of mobile telecom network towers to stabilize the traffic generated on a particular network.

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