TowerJazz releases its advanced 5V 65nm CMOS process

September 15, 2017 // By Julien Happich
TowerJazz releases its advanced 5V 65nm CMOS process
Addressing LED lighting, analog switch, DC/DC converter and load switch applications, TowerJazz has released an advanced 5V 65nm power process, with enhanced Rdson efficiency and an attractive die cost advantage over 0.18um 5V processes.

This technology is based on TowerJazz’s automotive 300mm 65nm process platform manufactured in its Uozu, Japan facility and supports both best in class quality and manufacturing cycle time. The advanced 5V 65nm contains a rich portfolio of analog features and many different metal combinations to optimize cost/performance for any application.

Several strategic customers have already taped-out their first prototypes with the new technology which is now fully released. It supports Multi-layer Masking (MLM) and an MPW option to reduce engineering costs. The first MPW is targeted for November 2017.

The 5V 65nm power process offers high Rdson efficiency using tighter design rules for power devices, and a thick copper top metal for large current applications, enabling the 5V transistors using a 65nm design to achieve dense digital capabilities and a dense analog periphery, with a low number of manufacturing masks.

The technology offers an average of 30% area reduction for a given 5V power transistor and typically a 35% die size reduction for a mixed-signal chip. The advanced 5V 65nm supports high current power applications such as PMIC, DC/DC converters, load switches and point of load ICs using single and dual 3.3um thick copper metal layers.

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