Tracealyzer 4.4 now with support for Embedded Linux

February 25, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Percepio is introducing new support for embedded Linux systems in Tracealyzer v4.4, with new visualization and analysis capabilities designed for embedded Linux application developers, packaged in an intuitive, modern user interface.

Tracealyzer transforms low-level trace data into a rich set of overviews enabling top-down exploratory analysis, making it easy to spot anomalies and drill down to see the details. This avoids many hours of frustrating guesswork, providing faster solutions and a much higher level of confidence during debugging, verification and performance optimization. The new Tracealyzer for Linux leverages the widely supported LTTng tracing framework, and has been verified with Wind River Linux LTS 2019. The tool offers visual trace diagnostics for Linux, a modern and flexible user interface with a customisable window layout, user-defined advanced analysis and users open standards, leveraging CTF, the Common Trace Format, using the widely supported LTTng tracing framework. Tracealyzer 4.4 for Linux will be available in Q2 2020.

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